4K monitor and low end PC

  • I seem to have a desire for a topic that is seldom covered.

    I currently have a mid-range HP PC from about 5 years ago (2.4 GHz 6 processor, 8GB memory) with a PCI graphics card Radeon 6450, running windows 7. I have a laptop running Windows 8 and hate the Windows 8, I have a laptop at work running Windows 10 and hate Windows 10. The CPU seems adequate for my needs, but I want to upgrade the video to 4K; 32" minimum size.

    I do not play games on this machine, unless you count Bejeweled as a game.
    I watch some videos, mostly old westerns, nothing in 4K, almost nothing with modern content.
    I have had several machines with integrated graphics and always felt the machines just had no spark, no speed, no responsiveness, that the add-in graphics card--even a low end one--brings to the experience.

    I can't seem to find new machines that run 4K and can be configured with Windows 7--and I would prefer jumping over to Linux rather than adopt Windows 10--I hate it so much. I also hate what MS has done to office in the past 5 years, too.

    So, I am soliciting advice on how to get to 4K and stay on Windows 7::
    Should I::
    a) retire the 5YO machine and buy a low-mid-range PC with add in card?
    b) put a new graphics card in the old machine?
    c) jump ship to Linux and eat a mighty learning curve?
    d) something else?

    Thanks ni Advance.

    Mitch Alsup


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